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LED interior lighting (for e9x)

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LED interior lighting for BMW E90/E91/E92/E93.

  • High-quality SMD LEDs
  • White light (6400K)
  • Significantly brighter than the standard lights
  • No Error message

What can the premium version do?

  • Brighter & more pleasant light
  • Fade in and out can be played back without flickering
  • Easier installation (thinner bar)
  • Generally valuable

At the end of the day, both shine white, so you have sole decision-making power.

The set includes:
- 3* LEDs for main and reading lights at the front
- 3* LEDs for rear main and reading lights
- 3* LEDs for the trunk (depending on the model, one or two are required)
- 1* LED for glove compartment
- 2* LEDs for cosmetic mirrors
- 2* LEDs for doors

- (4*LEDs on vehicles with pano roof)

(on some models a few LEDs remain)

Matching this with our significantly brighter trunk lights :


A lamp holder is broken?

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Attention: Not an original BMW part. The license plates BMW, M, are protected trademarks of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. There is no economic connection with the provider or with DuftDreier.